12th November 2006


It took me quite some searching to finally find a little nifty tool
to do what I've been looking for: synchronizing my played tracks on my
iPod with my Last.fm profile. For those who've been living under a stoe
for the past years; an iPod is a popular music player. Last.fm
, on the other hand, is a website that helps you to keep track of your
music taste by listing all songs you've played, but also allows you to
see who your 'music neighbours' are and get to know more music like

Last.fm offers a lot of Anti Viral tools Muscle Relaxant
to do so, basically for every music player available, but so far they
did not offer one to keep track of the music you've been playong on
your iPod, only the ones you play on your computer – on a musicplayer
with one of their plugins.

iSproggler is a little tool that will change this, it's relatively small and can be found in the iSproggler usergroup
on Last.fm. It basically monitors your iTunes, when you plug in your
iPod and synchronize it with iTunes, iSproggler will check for updated
'last played' and 'total amount played' counts and submit those to

Sadly it also has some drawbacks; the tool treat adenoma of prostate is far from stable and
tends to use up a lot of ram after a little while, it's been running
for perhaps 4 hours here and it's using about 40MB of space, not really
likely for those with older PC's. But right now it seems to be the only
option available, so I'll have to live with it, I'm afraid.

Popularity: 12% [?]

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