27th April 2007

Let the Vista bashing begin – Yahoo News report on UAC

It took long enough this time, but finally it’s time; the Vista bashing on ‘big’ sites has begun. Now Vista has been on the market for a couple of months, more and more criticism is coming up related to Windows Vista’s new features, such as the firewall and the changes in user permissions.

The first article on a somewhat reliable website I’ve found is the one made by Yahoo News, titled ‘Vista Security‘, and it’s basically full of criticism from various experts as well as influential users.

Like many other people, Yáñez responded by turning off UAC completely. In his case, he had to turn it back on to run some older games that required additional user rights, but the fear within security circles is that many irritated users will disable UAC and leave it off, or else get into the habit of clicking ‘Allow’ at every prompt, defeating the purpose entirely.

“The average user will be programmed to click ‘Allow’ for everything,” says Roger Thompson, chief technical officer for security vendor Exploit Prevention Labs.

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