28th February 2007

Link love for Locas Web Tech and other websites of the same guy

trackimgA little while back I wrote a blog review of Locas Web Tech, a website related to Seo Tactics, it was actually the first time this guy started to use the PayPerPost promotion/advertising option. After I submitted the review for approval I received a nice email of this ‘Locas’, stating he was impressed with my review, which I really appreciated – not many advertisers take the time to comment or rate posts, which doesn’t give you much of a chance to improve your blogging.

Anyway, it seems like he was happy with his past experiences as he’s back on PayPerPost, this time with an opp with ’sites needing some love’. His only requirement; links to these sites, that all for the nice sum of $12.50 – I wonder how he does it. I mean, it’s pretty nice and all, but writing 50 words for $12.50 just feels a bit like ripping the advertisers off, especially if they’ve been nice to you.

The site he requested a link to, besides his ‘main one’ LocasWT, is the website named ‘Happy keg‘, a weblog about beer and other drinks, full of humor and things to read while being bored, a worthy read.

A website related to albuterol price Houston personal injury lawyers is the last one in his opportunity list, which seems to be focussed at people who are looking into ’sueing them bitches’, after they’ve been hurt in some way. The website itself could use some work though, it’s not looking too great on my luxious 20″ widescreen, I suppose it wasn’t prepared for a resolution of 1680 pixels wide, it would be nice to see that fixed. Besides that both of the sites above are very new and either unranked or ranked very low on Alexa and Google’s PageRank, hopefully I’m able to change of that a bit through this article. purchase esomeprazole
buy Clonidine .

Popularity: 12% [?]

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  1. 1 On March 1st, 2007, luke said:

    forgot the happykeg and houston links:( but i will still 5 tack yah

  2. 2 On March 1st, 2007, Leftblank said:

    Hm, I guess I did something wrong, I’m sorry. I’ll add those links again – I really thought I did.