9th October 2007

‘Looking for Torchbearers’, 2008 Olympics

Samsung -being a sponsor of the 29th Olympics in Bejing- is looking for people who want to bear the Olympic torch. On the European Samsung site you can nominate both yourself or someone else who you think deserves such an honor.

There are of course some requirements for those who want to be nominated, amongst some other minor things that deal with marketing issues, you must be ‘physically able to run 400m and carry the Olympic flame’ and be 14 years or older. The website of Samsung also states it’s looking for ‘local heroes’. People who have made the life of others around them a little better.

Now, when you nominate someone you’re required to write a short story, about why they are a real ‘life hero’. Be quick with nominating though, as the the deadline for entries is already on this sunday midnight! Click here to Nominate torchbearers for the historic Torch Relay to the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games! buy Accutane online
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  1. 1 On November 15th, 2007, Talkingtofu2 said:

    I Wanna be one

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