29th December 2006

Microsoft's ad targetting

Microsoft has announced that theyve launched their world-wide behavioral targetting network in September, which resulted them in 5% more moneyflow. Their technology is under heavy critics because of the privacy riscs involved.

With behavioral advertising Microsoft combines the searchqueries of users with their personal information and online habits, in order to assemble a profile of the user, and display specific ads to them. According to the Wall Street Journal order Orlistat Valtrex online Online, Microsoft has already combined buy cheap Tadalafil
the personal information of 263 million Hotmail users with the terms
theyve searched for and clicked on using Live Search. The combined
information then forms a profile which is sold to online marketers.
Skeptics of mixing behavioral advertising with personal information
claim that it is borderline spyware, but Microsoft has said that the
system works anonymously—advertisers will not find out who you are or
where you live.

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