27th September 2007

‘Mobile blogging’

When surfing on the net today I stumbled upon something interesting. It’s the site www.truemors.com (bastardization of true and rumor), it’s a blog about rumors -obviously- and funny news facts ran by Guy Kawasaki (who formerly worked at Apple). Nothing new so far, however, the site has got some interesting and unique futures. It is possible to post a message on the the blog by sending a text message, sending an email and even by making a call! You call a certain number, say what you want to post (your ‘truemor’) and hang up. After this the software automatically translates it into text and posts it. Besides English, it’s even possible to speak in French, German and Spanish! Pretty interesting huh?
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It’s something to think about, the text message part of the site is ran by a company named ‘Golive!Mobile’, which focuses on sms marketing and mobile marketing. The company has got some interesting ideas for this technology. Imagine being able to post anywhere you are! This would be interesting for blogs about astronomical events, or things like celebrity sightings, or up-to-date information about the night life in your city. It would be all possible. Also, Golive!Mobile claims they will provide this service free of charge to bloggers who integrate this service in their blog in 2007.

Popularity: 9% [?]

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  3. 3 On November 4th, 2010, Gary Roberts Art said:

    This is often a pretty decent blog site. I have already been back many times over the past 7 days and wish to subscribe to your rss feed using Google but find it difficult to work out the right way to do it precisly. Would you know of any guides?