28th February 2007

MusicTunes4u, yet another online music store

A new opportunity on PPP came up, this time a review/opinion on a music website, listening to the name and slogan of ” order misoprostol buy Lamisil MusicTunes4u.com – New Music order Colchicine “. Their website looks fairly nice, on the first sight you’ll be able to read a lot of music news and gossip on their page.

Besides this news they also offer something else; music! To be able to buy or download the music listed you’ll need an iTunes Music Store or Rhythm account though, which are both free, as long as you don’t order anything. After you’ve signed up for an account, which goes pretty smooth – besides the bad notation for required fields – you can easily look at music and download a free sample.

The other option is of course to buy the music, I expected you’d be able to order it on their webpage, but instead you’re redirected to the iTunes Store. The positive thing about this is that the website works more intuitive than iTunes when it comes to buying songs, but it’s not close to perfect; a lot of music I frequently listen to is missing, even though they’re big names, such as Tiesto, Rjd2, Klaxons and a lot more. I’m hoping this will be better later, until then it’s a fine source for information about music, but not the number one.

Popularity: 9% [?]

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