28th March 2007

Net neutrality is at risk, beware of your rights!

A hot issue, or well, let’s say ‘medium-hot’ issue on the web is ‘net neutrality’. Net neutrality basically is the idea of the Internet being a natural, unregulated and free (as in freedom and treating male impotence beer). This idea has been controversial, and endangered, for many years already, as Internet service providers (ISP’s) tend to filter and restrict more and more.

I came across a video explaining the problem – and dangers – of the increasing commercialization of the net on the weblog The Man of Silver (because of his comment). According to the video, ISP’s are trying to get more and more power to control the web and all of it’s contents, making it more of a one-way media and being able to charge you for even more, and withholding information from you. Be sure to check out the article ‘
Order Disulfiram online Net Neutrality – Save the Internet buy Retin-A online ‘ as well, you can see the movie there, the rest of his article is also read worthy!

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