3rd March 2007

New (important) Wordpress version: 2.1.2

Most bloggers must have heard already of the upgrade of Wordpress last night; it shows up on your Dashboard, you know, the first page you see when you login to Wordpress. Anyway, for those who don’t; a new version of Wordpress has been released generic Toradol buy Retin-A online , number 2.1.2.

The reason of this sudden upgrade in version seems to be a bit weird.¬† According to the Wordpress Blog lowest prices for Plavix a hacker managed to gain access to the Wordpress.org server and uploaded altered files to the server, which were potentially harmful. I found it quite weird to see they’re declaring the whole version of 2.1.1 insecure, while the downloads for just a couple of days were harmed¬† – I suppose they prefer to be ‘better safe than sorry’. This idea isn’t too weird, considering the fact this is the second security update in two weeks – not quite positive publicity for the Opensource blogging software Wordpress.

Nonetheless, I’d recommend it to everyone who’d like to blog, it’s perhaps the best blogging software around, measured by functionality and speed – just make sure you read the system messages on login and upgrade as soon as you can! Luckily, just like last time, upgrading Wordpress only involves uploading the files and going to the upgrade.php file in your wp-admin panel – an easy step to keep your blog safe.

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