11th July 2007

Official holiday season has finally started

It was about time, but finally my holidays have started. Basically it means a whole lot of relaxing, staying in bed way too long and browsing the web till I’m completely sick of it. Last year that took at least several weeks, time will tell what this years record will be!

Though it seems perfect to me, this isn’t quite the ideal perspective of a holiday most people have. This also explains pretty well why websites such as DailAFlight are making a big business: Who doesn’t feel like jumping on a plane to fly to Europe. For instance they’ve got their best sellers related to Buy Prozac no prescription flights to Tenerife Valtrex cheap order Prozac , a beautiful place, especially during the holiday season.

Judging by the statistics, which are widely available on the web, millions of people support that idea. In fact, to be more precise, this pretty small island to the coast of Africa only has 850 thousand inhabitants, but did receive no less than 9,3 million tourists in the last year! That’s almost eleven times more than it’s amount of inhabitants; a whole lot!

So far I haven’t been on Tenerife yet, though I did visit one of the other Canary Islands several years ago. The island I did visit was Lanzarote, and it was simply an amazing experience; the island is incredibly beautiful and is almost just as hot. I’d recommend anyone who plans to visit these beautiful Canary Islands to also plan a visit to at least one of the huge, but luckily inactive for over a hundred years, vulcanos on the islands. By doing so you’ll first of all get a perfect view of the area around you, but it’s also simply amazing to simply have seen it and to have made the long walk to the top of one of these giants!

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