23rd September 2007

Order your work or outdoor boots online

how to buy Plan B trackimgIn case you’re just one of those ‘Joe Average’ types out there who just sit at their office 8 hours a day, step into the car to drive home in an hour and then sit down on their sofa till the next morning, you might like the Danner boots page of Metboots.

This is one of the two webshops, together with it’s counter part on Danner boots purchase Accutane order Strattera on the Copshoes page – that seem to advertise their webshops lately. I wonder how it comes both sites look a like much, one would suppose they’re run by the same company, just aiming at a slightly different target group; cops and ‘regular’ workers.

Nonetheless, both sites offer these boots, that look pretty tough to me, offer discounts on the shipping on orders over 100$ to the US, making it a nice deal for the enthusiasts or just hard workers out there!

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