29th March 2007

O’Reilly: ‘It’s time for blogging code of conduct’

Yesterday BBC published an article on their website, titled ‘ Natrexone order purchase Indocin Call for blogging code of conduct order methotrexate ‘. The subject of this article? I think you can guess it already; the freedom of a blogger.

According to the self-proclaimed internet pioneer Tim O’Reilly, it’s time for the blogosphere to come up with a blogging code of conduct before, as he says, the government might come with rules regarding it. The reason for this? Various incidents where bloggers are receiving serious threats or worse.

I must say I’m for one shocked about the incidents listed in the article; it’s terribly annoying that even on the web some people think there is no such thing as freedom of speech and that their opinion is the right one. However, I find the idea of having rules regarding what I want to say, or even what I’d be allowed to say scare me – they scare me a lot.

Now it’s the call for a blogging code of conduct, in a couple of years it might be the call for a third party to decide who’ll be allowed to say what and where. In case O’Reilly didn’t notice yet, we’re surfing on a free web, in terms of both freedom and beer and I’m planning to do my best to keep it that way!

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