30th January 2007

Otserv Newbieguide

The following article was written by me aimed at the Otserv community, or new members of it. I’ve decided to put it up here first before I drop it on Otfans, to get this website a bit of a premiere ;)

Once everyone was new to the whole Otserv
scene as well as the whole phenomenon named ‘Tibia’. In order to make the life
of new people – often esomeprazole online referred to as ‘Newbies’ – a bit easier I’ve written this
tutorial, please take a look at it if you feel like you could use some extra

What is Otserv?

To start this article on Otserv, I’ll first
have to explain some of what Otserv actually is. To start off with the name,
‘Otserv’ stands for OpenTibiaServer, which pretty much
describes that it does and was meant to do: creating an open source version of
the Tibia servers. In case you’re also new to Tibia; Tibia is a pretty popular
MMORPG with a 2D viewpoint played by thousands of people all over the world.

The project Otserv once was started by a
couple of students who found it a nice learning experience to write their own
server to let the Tibia client run on it. The goal in the beginning didn’t
involve anything near World – or Internet – domination, unlike some people like
to believe ;) . Besides that, all of the code used in the Otserv project has
been written by open source programmers, none of the code was stolen, donated
or bought from Cipsoft GmbH – they’ve never supported nor disallowed the

Is Otserv Legal?

Otserv’s code has been written by open
source programmers or borrowed from other open source projects. In addition to
that no files of Cipsoft are harmed in the process of creating or running the
server. Taking these things, it’s almost impossible to conclude that Otserv is
illegal in any way.

Cipsoft does not allow messages concerning
Otserv in their game nor on their forum, but that is a completely different
issue; they simply do not support other software or games than their own, which
is completely understandable.

What will Otserv do for me?

Otserv will allow you to create your own
game world, complete with your own map and own creatures. In addition to that
it’s possible to add scripts, which will allow you to do basically anything,
from teleporting to advanced quests to boat NPC’s.

There also are a lot of things Otserv wont
do, it wont help you to create your own items or objects as Otserv relays on a
client to display the things happening on the server, currently it’s not
possible to add new things to the clients available unless Accutane cost you modify existing
available things.

What does this license thing mean?

The license are those small texts you often
see when you install an application, or the ‘license.txt’ file that comes with
Otserv. The license states what you can or cannot do with the files as well as
what your rights and others rights are.

The license is important to Otserv as well
as other Open Source projects, as it makes the software ‘open’ and ‘free’. Otserv
uses the GPL license, or GNU General Public License, this license applies to
all of Otserv’s code and files, by downloading, using or viewing the files you
agree to the license – you cannot change or remove the license.

The GPL license basically means a couple of
things; you cannot change the license as you’re not the copyright holder (goes
for all licenses), if you use any of Otserv’s code, all of your code will
automatically be licensed under the GPL license.

And as last, perhaps the most important
one; the GPL license forces you to distribute the source of Otserv when you
decide to hand out the executables (.exe files or other encoded versions of the
code) to other people, you are forced to give them the source code as well.

Unlike a lot of people think, it’s not
illegal to sell GPL programs for Order Viagra Gold money, you will have to give the buyers the
source code with it though and the buyers will be allowed to do anything with
the files, as long as they follow the GPL license.

What experience level is required?

Playing on an Otserv doesn’t require much
of an experience; there are plenty of tutorials how to do t and you only need
to do a couple of things – you will need some ‘copy & paste’ experience
together. Hosting your own shouldn’t be too hard either, but you again, will
need some patience and reading skills, if you want to edit a lot or even create
your own features, it really is required to have some skill in programming or at
least some intentions to learn ;) .

And where do I start?

This depends on two things, whether you want to host your own server or if you’re just trying to join one of your choice. The following list will be useful for both of the goals, it’s slowly building towards creating your own though, so start at the beginning.

  • Tibia.com Quickstart Guide – In case you’re new to Tibia as a game, you might want to take a look here and learn some about the way the client works and looks.
  • Otserv Wiki – How to start playing – A useful place to start, this Wiki contains a lot of guides and articles on Otserv, this link will show you one on how to get started with playing on an Otserver.
  • Otserv Wiki – List of all tutorials on Otfans – it might a bit easy to link here, but this article covers pretty much like all of the available tutorials on Otfans, including many useful ones for both new and more known people in the Otserv community.
  • Otfans Search – Another ‘easy’ link, it might be boring and a little time consuming to use the search, but eventually it will help you pretty well to find other users who’ve had the same problem or posts helping you in some way!

This brings me to the end of this article, hopefully I’ve managed to help you a bit into finding out what Otserv is, not to mention all the fun you can have with it!

Creative Commons License

In addition to that I’d like to state that this article has been released on the web under a version the Creative Commons License, in this case the By-Sa, links to this article on my weblog are more than appreciated. The Creative Commons organization is basically the first organization on the web who offer an easy way to find the right open source license for your goal, for any kind of media, with any kind of attributes you like, without having to study a ton of websites. Recommended!


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