29th May 2007

PayPerPost is joining the masses – PPP Direct Launched

trackimgAs I’m back now, I’m also going to resume my attempt to still make some money out of this month, despite the fact that this month simply sucked so far; I might even end up lower than my first month back in January. Luckily PayPerPost managed to publish some new features though, which might eventually turn into another nice source of income.

As you know PayPerPost is aimed at blog marketing buy Lamisil ; using their website you already could post ofr various advertisers that offered opportunities. However, with their latest addition to the range of functions on the website, named ‘PPP Direct’. Basically this feature does everything their rivals have been doing for quite a while; allowing companies and individuals to pick specific blogs to post for them.

The big advantage of this for advertisers is that they’ve got full control over who will post for them; they can make it as specific as they like, allowing them to maximize the payback of the invested money. A second interesting advantage is the removal of the well known overhead with services like this one, PPP Direct only charges a 10% free, of which 5% is used to cover the PayPal or credit card costs; way misoprostol online less than the 50% ReviewMe charges, not to mention the 45% of SponsoredReviews; maximal efficiency! Despite these big advantages is also brings in drawbacks; choice. Advertisers will have to look through the hundreds of pages with bloggers, just to find an interesting one they want to write for them.

As final lines I’d also like to state that I doubt this will turn into a big source of income for the smaller bloggers; the odds of being picked by advertisers as small blog aren’t too good, I’m sure only the bigger ones will manage to stand out enough to make a chance, just like with ReviewMe…

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