27th October 2006

Perfect Gallery Module

In the past weeks I've tried out all the gallery modules that are currently available for Joomla! in order to find the 'perfect' gallery. I'll try to write a short list of order Fluconazole pro's and con's of each gallery I've used, so others might be saved from trying all of them out, basically what I also wrote on the extensions page of Joomla.org.

z00m Gallery:

  • No simply option such as a max. display size of images available
  • Relatively slow
  • Zooming options are not working as you would expect
  • No easy way to edit templates Levitra online


  • Offers a lot of options for thumbnails and image importing
  • A lot of image editing is possible
  • Allows you to use both title's, captions and descriptions


  • A lot of options are not yet added
  • Frontend is very buggy, uploading of images often doesn't work
  • Category management isn't working in a logical way
  • No usage ofeasy editable templates/CSS files
  • No modules/plugins/addons available


  • Offers a lot of options
  • Has a Joom!Fish .xml available
  • Uses Joomla's style

Gallery2 + J!:

  • Not 'native Joomla!', doesn't use Joomla's templates and requires a lot of editing in order to fit perfectly into your Joomla style
  • Requires a separate setup


  • Lots of modules/styles/addons available
  • Great community in order to get support from
  • Perfect usage of templates and CSS, easy to edit
  • Nearly totally modular, simply disable/delete the functionality you don't need

Might be continued later – if I continue my journey, Aciclovir online that is.


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