23rd October 2007

Save your precious data…

Who hasn’t heard ‘Make sure you backup all your important data frequently, you never know when it might come in handy!’ before? Not too many people I guess. Nonetheless, I’m very sure even less people actually have made backups of their documents, photos or other important data in the past month…

Personally I’m worthless as well with that, it’s too much work, and it doesn’t quite give any satisfaction – not until your computer has crashed or you deleted that one important document you’ve been working on for days, and you actually did backup…

A solution for this might come from iDrive.com, a company offering a service for purchase Naltrexone online backup purchase cheap Baclofen Buy Prozac no prescription s through their software. The drawback is of course it’ll cost you some, but nonetheless it actually will help you to keep making backups, thanks to their built-in scheduling options!

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  1. 1 On December 23rd, 2008, Organic said:

    I use Mozy and it works perfectly for me.

  2. 2 On March 27th, 2009, Organic Baby said:

    I never tried using iDrive-E but it seems to be a good one so i’ll give it a try.

  3. 3 On March 27th, 2009, Healthy Food said:

    this thing will surely be of use in making back ups.

  4. 4 On March 31st, 2009, Wine Lover said:

    I’ve tried using this and this one is okay.

  5. 5 On September 18th, 2010, chanel said:

    I can’t agree with you more!

  6. 6 On April 2nd, 2011, discount mac makeup said:

    i have a desk top, but can;t boot up windows….if i do a full recovery, i’ll lose my grands ‘precious’ pics. is there a way that i could get the data off my hard drive before i do a FULL RECOVERY?

  7. 7 On April 21st, 2011, tiffany outlet said:

    thank you for nice information.. I am going to bookmark this page. and i will also suggest my friends about this post.

  8. 8 On May 19th, 2011, Commercial Flagpoles said:

    My windows is corrupt, before I reinstall it, i need to save all my info on my computer, like music pictures etc.. My screen is black except for the prompt to restore and a few other options, no matter what I push it just reopens that same pg. If I were to back up my info on discs, how would I do this, what are the steps. Thank you so much for anyone who has any tips, thank you for your precious time

  9. 9 On August 28th, 2011, Abercrombie said:

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  10. 10 On August 29th, 2011, timberland said:

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