22nd May 2007

Seven habits of successful bloggers – according to John Chow

The ‘almighty’ John Chow has posted a pretty interesting article a little while back, covering the seven six habits that successful bloggers have Premarin Fast shipping , according to him. I’d perhaps rather name them ‘guidelines’, as I doubt all successful bloggers follow them on a daily basis; blogging is a tough job, even if you’re earning a living with it!

The article covers various (often mentioned) points, ranting from the passion required to keep up with the work involved in blogging to the importance of sticking to a frequency when blogging, points I’ll have to share. Take for instance this post, I actually wrote it a week earlier than it was published on my website, to make sure my blog contains fresh content, even while I’m walking through the sunny city of Barcelona!

One of the points that might be a bit ‘out of the ordinary’ in his article is his fourth point; ‘They Give Out Lots Of Link Love’, this might count for a couple of successful bloggers, but then mostly just when talking about links in their own articles. The usage of plugins such as the ‘ buy Plavix online Ordering Cialis online top commentators‘ list you might find on various blogs is nothing more than promoting interactivity with the readers by returning the most spammy ones with a free link back from various pages.

Overall it’s a very nice article, though it surely isn’t a ‘guide to success’, even though John Chow would love everyone to believe it is; jumping in at the right moment and picking the right niche are perhaps just as important, as well as having the right acquaintances to make sure you’ll be promoted enough. Of course it’ll never hurt to take a look at the article, just for informational value…

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