17th April 2007

Should you be blogging biased?

A guest blogger, Aaron Wall, has published a pretty interesting article on Problogger yesterday, Accutane online Colchicine online get Diflucan discussing whether to blog neutral or biased. The outcome is somewhat predictable; blogging biased, while still staying reasonable and non-offensive.

While this might seem obvious, there are still a lot of people out there who try to be a neutral source of information while people usually visit blogs to find opinions and commentary on the news. This might seem like a nice idea, but there aren’t many users out there looking for a (usually) slowly updated web log providing out of date news without additional value added.

Biased blogs however, just like this one – even though I’ve been writing pretty balanced as far as I know -, will try to give an opinion and perhaps making some controversial statements to launch a discussion. While this might not seem smart, saying things people may not agree with, in religion or politics, might give you quite some returning visitors who might continue arguing with you over every article. Important is to keep track of the ‘moderate’ part there though, sadly the internet also holds quite a lot of people who are simply narrow minded and potentially dangerous.

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