10th March 2007

StartupCrunch – The showroom for startup companies and website

trackimgStartupCrunch logoTime flies when you’re having fun, it’s already time for another website review, this time being a sponsored one as well. As you can read in the title, the website is named ‘StartupCrunch’, it’s a website that ranks newly Premarin 0.625mg launching startups, services, websites and companies that are Internet related.

According to the description visible on their website, their aim is to collect new startups, allowing them to show themselves off on the StartupCrunch website, giving them both exposure and some comments. Right now there aren’t too many comments yet, but they do rank the startups with their ‘Crunch Rank’. This rank is a number between 0 and 100, showing you a bit how ‘hot’ the startups are, allowing you to judge whether to look at them, or let them sit there silently.

Personally I really like the idea of giving this kind of new companies some exposure; it’s pretty hard to get your website reviewed on ‘important’ websites in order to get some feedback. There are quite a few things they could do better though, for instance, right now there is no explanation visible about the ranking given, it’s making me curious why for instance the Generic Paxil Scrybe review esomeprazole online didn’t receive the full 100 points, but ‘just’ 89 points.

In addition to that point, it seems like there still is a bit of lack of content on the website, the posts made are nice, but no detailed information besides the global what-about’s are given, making the articles a bit boring to read. As last note I think StartupCrunch should also consider changing their design. Right now it’s a three-column design, with all three of them filled with either content, ads or affiliate images. While this might seem like a nice way to display information, it does look pretty chaotic and doesn’t really contribute to the website for the visitors.

However, if the guys of StartupCrunch manage to improve these points, it’ll become an interesting read. Especially if they’ll manage to keep the web page updated frequently, making it a nice way to stay right on top of the latest hot websites, services and software available.

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