24th May 2007

The 9 essential type of blogsposts for the wannabe famous bloggers on the web

Collis, the guy who runs North By East, has written a pretty interesting article titled ‘ Buy Viagra online The 9 Essential Posts that Every Blogger Should Know‘. This post explains the 9 different kinds of often used posts to fill up your website with content, without actually having to spent a lot of timing writing something long and decent.

Luckily Collis starts off his article with the warning that overuse will seriously harm your health, if not your blogs quality. One of the types he lists, actually the first, is the ’speedlinker’.

The Speedlinker (named in honor of Problogger Darren Rowse) is a post where you link up a series of posts from other blogs that your readers would be interested in, usually with a brief description attached. Where you get your posts is up to you.

Personally I’m not much of a fan of those; sure, it’s a nice way to fill a gap and perhaps even link your users to something useful, but it just seems to lack content. Not to mention the fact it’s being used a lot lately, basically every blogger has at least done it once – also goes for me – so my advice would be to go around this one and rather use the other 8 suggestions, they’ll surely come in handy! treat breast cancer
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