1st April 2007

The blog style of making a lot of money online – March 2007

When I started with ‘Leftblank.nl’ I never had the intention of making money blogging – in fact, I didn’t expect it to become anything but a nice playground for myself. After about five months of blogging, with three of them intensive and paid, I can say I don’t regret starting with it at all, not a tiny bit.

As it became more or less of a tradition to show off my blog income, I’ll do it this time as well. The reasons to do so are simple; it’s always nice to show off your efforts & returns and perhaps even inspire people doing so and it might get you some free publicity, which is what we all tend to love on the web.

Blog income recap

Left Blank blog income recap of January, February and March 2007Let’s get it started. Below you can see the graph containing the amount of income of the last three months in blue and the actual profit in red. I could’ve skipped the profit part as I’m hardly making any costs; just hosting and a small ad on other blogs every now and then.

As you can see in the graph above, my income hasn’t been going up as rapidly this month as it did in the past two. I think the main reason of that was the reduced amount of opportunities available on PayPerPost due to a lot of changes – and downtime with it – they’ve been putting through.

Despite this less amount of PayPerPost opportunities the total amount has raised; I only made 30 posts for them, but at an average rate of $15.50. In addition to the higher rate I’ve also posted for a couple of different companies who also advertise with bloggers, resulting in a higher total amount.

No matter what you might say of it; this is a big number, a very big number, if I may say so myself. The drawback of this kind of making money is of course that it’s not free nor cheap. I estimate that I spent roughly 1.5 hour a day browsing for items to blog about or to write articles to be put online, resulting in about $12 an hour. Considering my age, and the fact I enjoy it a lot, it’s not a bad source of income at all; pretty good actually.

Other ways of making money online

In the past month I’ve also been trying to switch over to ‘regular’ advertisements, such as AdBrite, Text Link Ads and Clicksor. The experiences I’ve had with those companies aren’t too great though, TLA turned down my application, AdBrite helped me make 70 cents in one week and only pays out by cheque. Only Clicksor seems to have acceptable behavior and payrates, but still it wouldn’t even get above the rate of $5 a month – which I consider to be the very minimum.

The reason of this poor performance lies within various things of course; the traffic of my blog has been pretty steady around 3000 visitors who all visit roughly 2 pages per visit. Considering even very specialized and optimized websites with tons of advertisements generally don’t make more than $25 per 1000 impressions, it’s not very weird I didn’t make much at all. Perhaps it’ll be better later, I hope so at least.

You got my all interesting, how do I get started?

I picked the ‘trial & error’ method myself when I got started, a pretty rough but usually working way of figuring stuff out. However, as you might know there are tons of resources available, helping you o skip the error part.

First of all, I’d advice to of the posts I made myself, being ‘12.5 Steps to make at least 150$ a month with your blog‘ and ‘Another blogging success story; making 100$ in 30 days with a new blog‘, these two posts will explain to you the two kinds of advertising you can use on your blog; sponsored posting or advertising & referring. I’m personally more of a fan of the first, but if you’ve got a specialized niche, referring might help you to do more, with some extra effort.

I’m looking forward to next month; April means a lot of time for me, so I’ll see if I can manage to break my own records. If you’ve got a blog and you’re making money with it – let the world know, and start with a trackback to me, I’ll be glad to read it.

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  2. 2 On April 2nd, 2007, Nuker said:

    That’s not bad at all! What about a ‘guess my income: April’ contest ;)

  3. 3 On April 2nd, 2007, Leftblank said:

    A nice idea, but it’s more likely I’ll do that next months; a contest without users contributing isn’t too bothersome ;)

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