24th June 2007

The easiest visual remote PC software on the web?

logotrackimgTech savvy people tend to be lazy, very lazy. Perhaps you could also consider it inventive, but speaking from my own experiences, mostly lazy. That’s most likely also the point where software was created to connect to remote access another PC.

As I’m also fairly tech savvy, and above all, pretty lazy (read: inventive) myself I’ve also been looking for ways to automatize remote PC stuff, such as search and rescue operations on family computers or simply downloading files using another PC on the network to be able to keep on gaming. To do so I’ve come across a lot of software, but so far treatment of impotence lowest prices for Plavix buy Retin-A online RemotePC seems to be one of the easiest ones; it simply works without too much configuration.

Also good to know is that it’s been recently updated, so it’ll even work on shiny Windows Vista PC’s and it’ll let you share stuff with up to 10 users, also quite useful.

Popularity: 10% [?]

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