28th February 2007

The seven most useful Internet Explorer 7 plugins

As you might know, Windows now comes with Internet Explorer 7, for quite a while already. This new version of IE is supposed to fix a lot of bugs and make the browser somewhat more modern. Even though Microsoft has been trying to do this a lot, I think they’ve missed the ‘web 2.0′ boat for web browsers a bit.

A nice example of this is the ‘plugins’ you can extend IE7 with right now. Even though Microsoft opened up their ‘ purchase Lamisil Windows Marketplace‘ for plugins, there still aren’t too many useful ones out there, especially not compared to the huge load available for Firefox.

To at least list the best ones available Wired published an article listing the ‘ Buy Kamagra Fluoxetine price Seven best addons‘ for Internet Explorer 7. It’s a nice list, In fact I’m using most of these plugins myself, but then on Firefox. It’s funny to see a lot of these addons are either natively supported in Firefox or available as well, such as inline searching (hit the “/” on your keyboard), spell checking and re-opening the last closed tab (ctrl+shift+t).

Nonetheless, this list might be interesting for those who don’t feel like using Firefox, I’m hoping there will be more plugins soon for those who use IE as right now, it’s a bit depressing…

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  1. 1 On April 21st, 2008, Paul Matthews said:

    Do I have Inernet Explorer seven or not and if not how do I get wholes of this version or above Please.

  2. 2 On June 10th, 2009, benivolent said:

    ieSpell is one of the add-ons for IE7 this is very good for website development
    It’s a shame a spell-checker wasn’t built into IE7, but ieSpell corrects that oversight. Once installed, ieSpell does a nice job of staying out of the way until you need it. There are three ways to activate the spell-checker: from the tools menu, from its own top-level menu and from the contextual (right-click) menu. If you happen to use a branded version of IE7 such as those from MSN or AOL, ieSpell will only be accessible from the right-click menu. IeSpell is also available for Internet Explorer 6.

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