10th August 2007

The slimmest PDF reader available on the web!

Personally, when it comes to computers, I’m a speed maniac. Every few seconds I have to wait for an application are in fact a waste of time, which is also the reason I’ve been using fast and trimmed down applications for a long while already.

One of them used to be ‘ buy Nolvadex FoxIT Reader Colchicine online order Tadalafil ‘, but recently I came across an even smaller one, listening to the name ‘Sumatra’. Additionally it also happens to be open source (GPLv2 licensed) and made up out of just one simple executable, making it very easy to take with you on your USB drive or share it with your friends when needed.

You can find some example screen shots on their homepage, or simply proceed to the installer immediately, happy reading!

Popularity: 12% [?]

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