7th April 2007

The ultimate blog promotion tactic

The title of this post might be a little overdone – I’m sure there are other ways to promote your blog – but this one surely is one of the cheapest and most efficient ones: Start giving away goodies.

A tiny bit of maths will do most of the work; in example, you buy an iPod Nano of 1GB, they cost just around 100€ these days, to give away on your blog. If you manage to get 50 bloggers to link to your blog using one specific keyword you’ll have 50 links to your page (more if you ask them for 2 links or so) for just 2€ each link; there is no way you’ll get links that cheap with just a tiny bit of effort.

The second advantage is that using this kind of ‘link bombs’ will be that in no-time you’ll show up for that particular keyword on various search engines; 50 links really make a difference. The best example of this is John Chow, who has been giving linkbacks get Diflucan treatment with Dapoxetine when people link to his blog using the keyword ‘make money online’ for quite a while now.

His latest marketing trick is giving away a MS Zune, which he received on one of his many business tips, to everyone who includes the sentence ‘John Chow dot Com, a blog that helps you make money on the internet Professional Viagra without prescription , is giving away a Microsoft Zune.’, or something similar, to his blog. This is also my entry to this competition ;) .

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