13th August 2007

Thoof, yet another social news site or more?

trackimgAfter my (way too short and fantastically relaxed vacation) I’m now doing my best to return to my ‘regular’ blogging habits. A part of that is browsing the web to see what’s happening around the world as well as on the internet or blogosphere.

The easiest ways to do so are usually social news or media sites. For that purpose there are huge amounts of names available, such as Delicious, Digg or Reddit. All of these sites work good in their own ways, but all of them have their disadvantages.

Things such as angry mobs, moderations with personal reasons or other factors play a big role in what will or wont be seen by the public on most of these social media sites. Of course this is democratic in some ways, but not entirely ‘fair’ for everyone, some things just turn out to be bad for some groups and thus could be ‘hidden’ from being seen at all.

The website Thoof tries to avoid these drawbacks some by approaching the whole idea from a somewhat different perspective. In the first place they changed the name used into personalized news Buy Natrexone , which also shows it’s mainly aiming at news worthy things to come up on the site.

Sadly the site isn’t nearly as big as the ‘older’ social media sites and thus it’s a bit hard to judge whether it’s really as good as it promises to be, but it seems promising. The style could use a bit more contrast, but the feeling it gives is pretty good generally speaking, especially the lack of different pages to list the news; you simply scroll down and more will appear automagically.

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Popularity: 18% [?]

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