4th July 2007

Upload files to any website with File Uploader

The vacations are coming up again, which generally means making a lot of pictures for a lot of people. With digtal camera’s taking over the world and such, it’s becoming more and more popular to share these photo’s with friends and family, sometimes even with the whole world.

FileUploader example usage with Flickr screenshot

The problem with a whole load of photo’s and imagehosts is that it’ll take ages to upload all 100ish photo’s you’ve made and really want to share with the world. Using File Uploader this can be avoided; this tool will let you automate uploading photo’s to a whole lot of sites. These sites include, Flickr, Box.net, Picasa and YouTube, which are pretty much the biggest sites of the moment.

Of course, just like various loads of Firefox extensions, this one is free to download as well. It’s a shame the code isn’t opensource, but at least it’s free as in beer, which is a decent thing to begin with. Check out the Order Disulfiram online Buy Prozac no prescription order Aciclovir File Uploader website for more info.

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