17th July 2007

USA holiday homes for rent on one big site

This blog is still in the summer theme, with this time, a site named Rentals.com – quite a catchy domain – and contains order Nolvadex Generic Viagra houses for rent all over the United States. To clear that part up a bit, it contains links to all sort of houses that are for rent, including regular homes, holiday apartments as well as offices and multi-family homes.

Of course, the part I’m interested in is the vacation part of the site, which for sure offers some interesting homes. A lot of them would be fantastic to live in for a short – or longer – period, but the prices often tend to be a ‘bit’ high for the regular holiday people to book. Another thing I noticed while searching is that a whole lot of homes do not include any weekly price or even an estimate of the cost, making it really hard to just look on the site and pick something nice, especially when you’re on a budget, which goes for basically everyone.

Despite the shortcomings, various homes look very nice, especially the ones in California if you ask me. For instance Sildenafil online this house located at the very border of a beach, giving the ultimate sunny summer experience during the day, and perhaps a relaxed evening at the fireplace inside – too bad it’s ‘only’ a thousand kilometers away from my place!


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