23rd February 2007

Virtual Oscars party; a tad weird?

Today I finally found a somewhat suiting opportunity on PayPerPost, a tad weird one though, it’s an opportunity about the Oscar Awards, but again it’s not. The opportunity is about the article ‘ purchase Viagra online Fluconazole no prescription Combivent without prescription Intimate Guide Academy Awards coverage‘ which will be posted shortly after the Oscar Awards are over, from a slightly different perspective.

It’s a nice ide, everyone wonders how the stars that show up on the Oscars actually manage to show up as if they’ve just went through a heavy photoshop session, even though the video you see is supposed to be live. Perhaps there is some ‘hot’ technique in Hollywood-land to filter out everything they don’t want to show, but I don’t think so, I’m afraid they’re still stuck with the ‘good old’ make-up. A funny article and perhaps a nice read after it’s updated, who knows.

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