31st January 2007

VMWare Converter 3.0

I’m sure by nearly everyone has at least once heard of VMWare and their popular virtual machine software. The two most popular products are VMWare Workstation and their free VMWare Player purchasing Plavix online , allowing you to either create and edit or download and play images of all kinds of operating systems as if you’re actually working with them as your ‘real’ OS, in a safe and easy way.

Well, until now I always thought, and I’m sure many people with me, that you had to install a brand new OS for every image you wanted to have, even if you just wanted to have one similar to your actual system in order to test things out. The opposite seems to be true with VMWare’s Converter 3.0, this nifty tool will let you turn various sources of information into usable VMWare images. The ideal solution to either quit dual booting and just use both OSes at the same time, such as Windows and Linux, or to play around without any risks involved.

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Buy cheap Lasix VMWare Converter Diagram

Popularity: 8% [?]

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