27th February 2007

Waterskiing is cool and blogging material again!

A friend, who broke his leg on the first day of his wakeboarding break by the way, linked me to a quite interesting site looking for some exposure. It’s actually a web site about Clonidine Online water skiing, a kind that you don’t quite seem to find a lot on the web, at least not in weblog form.

I’m a bit surprised by the contents, I expected a weblog on some boarding experience or so. Instead of that it’s full of Order Natrexone how-to’s on wakeboarding and waterskiing Arthritis ; you wont need a teacher! From a web-perspective it’s also an interesting blog; this page is relatively new but already doing some nice ranking – second pages on a lot of keywords – which isn’t bad at all for a brand new website/weblog. In addition to that, as far as I can tell, it’s using Wordpress, which is very nice to see, again some exposure to the non-techsavvy world. Wordpress is going to take over the world!

Popularity: 12% [?]

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