3rd May 2007

What do I like most about PayPerPost?

While I’ve been rather busy in the past days – I’m sorry! – I’ve finally found some time to add a new blogpost to my website. This time I’ll have a little chitchat about blog reviews buy Combivent online and mainly, as you could guess by reading the title, about PayPerPost cheap Prozac purchase Lamisil online .

PayPerPost has been my main source of income for quite a couple of months, especially in the beginning of this blog, which were also the days I had plenty of spare time on my hands to do whatever I liked whenever I liked to do so.

The main strong point of PayPerPost is that if you’re trying to make money out of it hard enough, and you pull enough strings on your blog in order to get it a decent PR and Alexa ranking, you’ll surely manage to do so. Sadly it’s no secret the opportunities posted there tend to be taken soon, very soon.

Like I said it’s a huge advantage for smaller and enthusiastic bloggers as the high paying opportunities usually go out on set times, this is also the main drawback. For the ones that are unable to sit behind their PC around the times the opportunities tend to go out (usually in the morning of the PPP office) pretty easily miss a lot of potential income. I suppose everything has a drawback…

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