7th April 2007

Yahoo Pipes: Mash ups for the masses

If you haven’t heard of Yahoo Pipes in the past month yet, you must have been living under a rock as it has been generating a lot of buzz lately. In case you’re one of the groups that has been living under a rock or in a cave; Yahoo Pipes will let you create or use all kinds of RSS and website mashups.

A nice example of it is for instance the ‘ Strattera Buy Youtunes buy valacyclovir online buy Promethasin ‘ mashup. Using this mashup, the program will automatically search on YouTube for the top 10 of iTunes tracks, allowing you to take a sneak preview of the band or song.

Another creative – and even more useful – mashup is the ‘Torrent Search‘ one, using this interesting thing, you’ll automatically search on IsoHunt, Torrentspy, Mininova ├índ BTJunky for the file you’re looking for, giving you maximum profit of these websites.

In case I’ve got your warm for the whole Pipes thing, NewTeeVee has published an interesting article rounding up various of these pipes, as well as a whole load of user comments on it, containing even more interesting ones.

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